* Summer Symposium in Samdo 2008 [#j531bbd9]
CENTER:Information Processing Society Japan, Special Interest Group on Computer Education

-Date: 2008 August 19-21
-Place: Jeju island, Korea
--[[Cheju National University:http://www.cheju.ac.kr/eng/]]
--[[Jeju Oriental Hotel:http://japan.oriental.co.kr/]]
* Program [#p525a893]
**Tuesday, August 19 [#d04fe18c]
-Cheju National University
--13:30 Resistration
--14:00-14:30 Opening Ceremony
--14:30-18:00 Invited Talks
---&color(#A0A){'''Introducing the next generation of Computer Scientists to the magic and beauty of computing'''. Tim Bell (Canterbery University, NZ)};
---'''Computational Thinking: New direction for ICT basic education'''. Kim HyeonCheol (Korea University, Korea)
---'''Now and future of information education in Japan'''. Yasushi Kuno (Tsukuba University)
---'''CS unplugged in East Asia'''. Tsutomu Wada (Nagano University)
-Jeju Oriental Hotel
--19:30-21:00 Reception
**Wednesday, August 20 [#u5ea5474]
-Jeju Oriental Hotel
--09:00-12:00 Session1,2
--13:00-15:00 Session3,4
--15:30-17:30 Session5,6
--19:30-21:00 Poster and Demonstration
**Thursday, August 21 [#la6e5d52]
-Jeju Oriental Hotel
--Closing Ceremony

*Committees [#f054f54e]
:General Chair|Tsutomu Wada (Nagano University)
:Organizing Committee|
::Chair|Yoshiaki Nakano (Senri Kinran University)
::Advisor|WonGyu Lee (Korea University, Korea)
::Committee|Hiroyuki Aoki (Korea University, Korea), Shinya Cho (Hitotsubashi University), Eiko Takaoka (Chitose University of Science and Technology), Haruhiko Okumura (Mie University)
:Program Committee|
::Chair|Susumu Kanemune (Hitotsubashi University)
::Committee|Keiji Emi (The Kyoto College of Graduate Studies for Informatics), Yoko Otsuki (Seiwa University), Haruhiko Okumura (Mie University), Takuya Sakuma (Bunkyo University), Kazuhiro Sato (Higashi Chishirodai Elementary School), Takeo Tatsumi (University of Agriculture and Technology), Masaaki Tanaka (Suzuka Junior College), Tomohiro Nishida (Osaka Gakuin University), Yosuke Nishino (Higashi Fuchu High School), Toshihiro Hayashi (Kagawa University), Izumi Fuse (Hokkaido University), WonGyu Lee (Korea University)

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